Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Girls Aloud Sarah confirms that comeback will be special

It has been revealed by one of the band member of Girls Aloud Sarah that there comeback will be a special one on there upcoming 10th anniversary.

Since 2009 band have not been performing anywhere but recently they have confirm their re-union on 10th anniversary.

Harding said: "When I watched the Spice Girls on stage at the Olympic closing ceremony I did think, 'I want that to be us'.

"We needed a break, time to do our own things, but now we're starting to feel really nostalgic about the 10 years we've been a band and really want to mark it with something special."

Friday, 3 August 2012

Girls Aloud set to perform at Royal Variety

It has been confirmed that Girls Aloud has been reportedly re-united to play this year's Royal Variety Performance in November.

Earlier this year, it has been announced that they were reforming for a 10-year anniversary tour and will be playing in front of Queen for a special documentary.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: "Being asked to perform at the Royal Variety Show is massive for the band. They performed in 2004 when they were at the height of their fame so it's fitting that they would return eight years late.

"It will be one of the Queen's final engagements of a year which will have seen her Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. So it’s a major scoop for the girls' comeback to be added to the bill."

The newspaper's insider added: "The weeks leading up to the big night will be captured in the documentary, which was given the green light by producers last month. The programme will also look at the group's rise to fame, their domination of the charts and their solo careers. It will also have new interviews with all five members."

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Girls Aloud not yet decided how to celebarte their 10th year anniversary

Girls Aloud girl are still unsure and not planned how to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Sarah Harding told Look magazine: "The latest is that we'll be doing something for our anniversary, but we're not exactly sure what yet. We're still in talks.'

"Our 10th birthday is in November, so I guess it will be then. We want to create something really special for it, so we're not rushing it."

She said: "It's magic. We just talk about funny stuff that used to happen to us and have a giggle about things we've experienced.

"It was a great time and we're all nostalgic. We're like sisters because we worked together 24/7 when we were promoting or in the studio. But it's quite nice to have a break, otherwise you can have too much of a good thing."

Monday, 10 October 2011

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh is desperate for a mother

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh revealed she is desperate for a mother.

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The singer says that she wants to settle down with ­businessman Justin Scott, they both are 29-years-old, her boyfriend of eight years.

She said: “I’m definitely thinking marriage and ­babies. I always said I ­wanted loads of kids, but I’m 30 next year and wondering when I’m going to fit them all in.

“I’m incredibly lucky to be financially secure and with the man I want to be with for the rest of my life.”

And Kimberley has taken over from Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona in the hit West End musical Shrek, is glad with her body – thanks to three-times-a-week ­workouts at the gym.

She said: “I love my curves now.”

Friday, 30 September 2011

Cheryl Cole in a New York hotel with a young hip-hop music producer

Cheryl Cole in a New York hotel with a young hip-hop music producer, in order holed.

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The Geordie singer with former Bristol City footballer Alex Da Kid was spotted arriving at 1am.

Close pals say that she has "hit it off" with the music guru, and its real name Alexander Grant.

A friend told The Sun: "Cheryl and Alex have struck up a great relationship and have been living in each other's pockets for the past week.

"Some of the recording sessions have run into the very early hours with just the two of them and a laptop in their hotel rooms.

"Cheryl has been suffering from jet lag and couldn't sleep, so they have just worked through the night. It hasn't all been work — they've enjoyed some play too.

"If the music is going to work then they need to find their own chemistry."

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Grab a bit of Girls Aloud style

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh behind in school due to "duck bum"

Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has revealed that her voluptuous behind in school due to "duck bum" was a pseudonym.

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The star told Zest magazine she haslearned to embrace the Curves, but she has always been aware of them.

Kimberley said: "When I was at dance classes in Bradford, my teacher would always shout, 'Pull in your bum, Kimberley!' And I'd say, 'I'm trying - it just won't go in!' It's been sticking out since I was two. I had the biggest bum out of about 50 girls in my class."

The singer, actress and TV presenter admitted she had felt pressure to be thin when she was younger, but then light entered and download Beyonce became her role model.

Kimberley explained: "I grew up thinking Kate Moss was the perfect woman but that was a totally unachievable body shape for me. It was never ever going to happen.

"Then along came Beyonce. We were exactly the same age and she looked amazing, so I started to dress like her and suddenly my shape made sense.

"I'd think: 'Oh, yes. Beyonce's wearing a figure-hugging dress and drawing attention to her tiny waist, so I'd buy a new dress and a large belt, go out and pretend to be Beyonce. She was a great alter ego for me."

The 29-year-old revealed she and her Girls Aloud bandmates used to all work out together, but some would struggle.

Kimberley said: "Some days, we'd all work out together. It was very amusing. Nadine can't run at all. Her legs are so thin, all she does is say, 'It hurts. It hurts to run.'"